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Mt. Konocti - Now open for daytime hiking!


Leave a legacy of open space by donating to the Mount Konocti Park Sponsorship Program today!

Mt. Konocti at sunset.Mt. Konocti .... Lake County's ancient towering volcano provides a backdrop to California's Clear Lake. Home to falcons and other raptors, sacred to Native Americans, and the subject of legends, the mountain is one of the few landmarks ever-visible from most locations throughout the county. In private hands since the mid-1800's, few have enjoyed the breathtaking beauty seen from the top. View from the pinnacle above the Black Forest.

Lake County now has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire 1520 acres, putting much of the mountain into public hands for perpetuity.  Lands for many purposes - for reflection, for hiking, for enjoying nature.

You can make a difference with your tax-deductible donation. Act now and preserve this magnificent icon for now, and for future generations . . . .  

Lake County, California

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